Jigisha Patnaik

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Hearing the word "DIY" makes us wonder about the fancy corners of the house, or the shelves that can be decorated with recycled stuff. But DIY isn't only limited to those shelves and corners.

It is boundless. The enormous ways in which we can convert an existing product that we do not need to something we can use, is ofcourse absolutely appreciable!

In Today's world where shifting responsibilities and work loads to others has been a trend, where people are oddly satisfied with their lives while depending on others fully or to an extent, yet the real satisfaction still lies on being self reliant. As so rightly said by Oliver Napoleon Hill, the American self-help author whose books are known worldwide and are among the top-10 best selling self-help books of all time, "IT TAKES HALF YOUR LIFE BEFORE YOU DISCOVER LIFE IS A DO-IT-YOURSELF PROJECT".

Do It Yourself along with its acronym(DIY) is basically where a layman endeavours to finish any work or project without any professional assistance or help.Now it might conjure up absolutely different ideas with regards to different people as it can be about many things. Everyone should invest time in DIY activities which can help us to save time as well as resources upto an extent. It helps us boost our knowledge about various things as well as sharpens our own set of skills while challenging the "orthodox" methods of thinking .It helps us in getting things done in a different yet simple and easy way all by ourselves.

Science is all about logic and things that practically work, and thinking of a complete DIY projects in science, sounds a little toughie !!

However, I am a proud Indian to say, we are way ahead here !!! DIY is a concept very familiar to Indians as it can be closely related to our way of doing things i.e. "jugaad". Funny it might sound but yes , "juggad" is a special DIY way of doing things by ourselves for which we Indians are infamously famous for! If we start looking at a broader perspective taking India as a whole or a single unit we can safely say the " MAKE IN INDIA" movement is also a part of do-it-yourself for the Indians which can make us self sufficient and independent of other countries in various fields.With the Indian economy at a very dangerous position currently, taking a fall to the lowest it can ever get, "MAKE IN INDIA" with the underlying principle of DIY can certainly come into clutch and boost our economy. It is a very slow process realistically but implementing it in an enormous magnitude in unison can take us to our goal. Instead of playing the mediocre "blame-game", its high time we take the DIY approach and start fixing problems with our own solutions all by ourselves as much as we can.

History is witness to such amazing DIY projects, which defines our creativity as a country. One such prominent example was in 1999 during the Kargil War. It is reported that the US denied it’s Space-based Navigation system to India during the war which could have been helpful for some crucial information during such time of emergency.That acted as a wake-up call to the Indian scientists who were dependent on US for it. Almost two decades after that incident, ISRO made its own navigation system named NavIC ("Navigation with Indian Constellation"), which was considered to be even more accurate than the US GPS.

DIY is often advertised for its financial benefits but in reality it has a lot more to offer. The amount of Self confidence and the sense of accomplishment gained in fulfilling a difficult task by ourselves on our own is beyond imagination. Adopting DIY doesn't only make us think "out of the box", but it enhances our logic and broadens the sphere of thoughts. As it does take a lot of creativity to come up with things of real use, using trash or recycling stuff that have altogether to do nothing with the product finally made!