Destination Innovation

Akankshya Pradhan

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In this dynamic and ingenious era, the basic needs of every organization are the innovative ideas and newfangled techniques. So what is there that’s continuously entangling us in the web of stagnation and sluggishness? Today, we are not lacking ideas, theories or information. We have the extraordinary knowledge, creativity and expertise required for innovation. Rather, the need of the hour is forecasting the future viability of these ideas, planning the implementation and placing smart beds. To get exceptional ideas, one needs a likewise environment conducive innovation, invention and lateral thinking.

As it was once quoted by Dr Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, a Hungarian biochemist, who is well known for his contributions for physiology and medicine, and also a noble prize winner, “Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” It becomes a responsibility as well as the duty of the leaders to develop their lateral thinking, innovative perception and to think out of the box. Innovative thinking can not only turn the ambiguity of an organization into an opportunity but also can help to formulate the future desired state and the strategy to get there. To intrigue creativity and innovation, one has to be intuitive and open to ideas.

According to the famous saying of Aristotle, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” Experimentation with innovation becomes a necessity when one wants to bridge the gap between idea and innovation. This gap can be eliminated with the help of leadership and innovation workshops. To enforce innovation and creative thinking in an organization, the leaders need to acquire the skills of being attentive, personalizing ideas, imaging its viability, serious experimentation and exploration in that sector, working on the pros and cons and at last crafting the thought to a final product.

To think of extraordinary things, one has to know what’s new, what’s better and what’s next? These workshops help you to develop cohesive creative thinking and provide practical knowledge about innovative leadership model, adequate tools, techniques and the coaching necessary to make innovation happen. We have numerous solutions for a problem, but we need to select those organizational solutions that can create immediate value. Hence we can get more benefit in less time. These workshops provide you with that capability of judging through their tools of mind mapping and question starters. The main adage remains POINt (Pluses, Opportunities, Issues, New thinking).

Through practical experimentation and workshops, one can thrive on challenges by making connections with other organizations in new and imaginative ways, and create a strategic vision of their ideas. Individuals can develop proper managing, cooperation, leadership, presentation and listening skills through these initiatives and can make an organization’s purpose aligned with innovation. In this zestful and competitive world, practical knowledge beats bookish theories. Hence, to manage an organization and keep its growth increasing, leaders have to be gutsy, innovative and creative. Developing these skills becomes important as well as mandatory.

To overcome conventional and customary challenges, speed up entrepreneurial growth and inculcate innovative ideas in an organization, these workshops are necessary.