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Range Over Rocketry, a webinar series conducted by Veer Surendra Sai Space Innovation Centre (VSSSIC), VSSUT Burla, aims at fostering the motive of enthusing young minds about rocketry and boosting up their interest in this field.

Rocketry is undoubtedly one of the most mind-boggling branches of aerospace engineering for any individual. A term so familiar since childhood, yet so strange. It contains many captivating things to know, engulf and understand.

With the motive to make the budding rocket-enthusiasts understand what rocketry is, this event is an initiative to engender the interest for rocketry within the masses and acquaint them with basics of rocketry, its dynamics and sustainable propellant.

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Webinar 1 : Satellite: Design, Integration and Communication
Webinar 2 : Rocketry Fundamentals and Dynamics
Webinar 3 : Green Propellant: A Sustainable Fuel


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