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Vigilance week is all about promoting the qualities of transparency, integrity and accountability, and putting in constant efforts to adopt these qualities into our everyday lives. This Vigilance Week, take your presentation skills on the topics revolving around vigilance and the nation's current affairs, to a completely next level. Participate in “Parichay”, organized by UGC in collaboration with Idea Innovation Cell , VSSUT BURLA and show your mettle before the world.


Google Meet


28th of October,2020
11 am


Here is our detailed guide

A valid team must comprise of 1-4 team members. A minimum of 1 member and a maximum of 4. The team should be from VSSUT,Burla only.

A change of team is allowed if informed beforehand. You may contact us for the changes.

The last date for the registration is October 27 till 11:59PM.

The Presentations will be on Google Meet.

The participants are expected to keep their Videos On during the event.

Further Communications and Announcements related to the event will be provided through the Website or through the WhatsApp group which will include all the team leaders.

Presentations will be judged for originality, creativity, organization of content, oral presentation, knowledge of the material, clarity of artwork (charts, graphs, slides), animations, and overall value proposition.

The contestants will be given 5 minutes for their presentations and are expected to make a maximum of 5 slides. Any more than 5 slides will not be considered a part of the presentation.

An additional 1 minute of time will be given for the questionnaire round from the judges. Any extension from this time limit will lead to negative markings.

Effective methods of vigilance in banks for watchfulness; To stop the financial implications and bankruptcy for Organisation and its Customers.

Need for Participative Vigilance and Effective plans to ensure it.

Traffic congestion and Traffic Injuries.

The Importance of Safety Production and Humanistic Management in Petroleum Projects.

The Oil and Gas industry fall well within the category of a high-risk working environment. What are some safety measures that can be taken to lower the death toll of workers during mishaps of the industry?

Role of Poverty in Corruption .

Others (If other then mention your topic)

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University Grants Commission

VSSUT, Burla

Idea & Innovation Cell

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